Recreation Areas

The City of Ely Council has today, 23rd March 2020, taken the decision to close the children’s play parks which are under its control (please note that a number of them are controlled by ECDC and are currently remaining open). This is not a decision which has been taken lightly but there are concerns that Social Distancing cannot be maintained and that the potential for the virus to live on the play equipment for a substantial time cannot be mitigated. 

Please do not climb over fences or gates, but respect the unfortunate need to close these facilities.

The Council has play areas at St John’s Road, New Barns Avenue, Paradise and Willow Walk, Ely and at Stuntney, Prickwillow.

There is also a skate park at St John’s Road, a basket ball hoop and teenage shelter at Paradise

The play areas are maintained by the Council. Should you require any information regarding the Council’s Recreation Areas please contact us.

Slide park
Ely Recreation Park photo
Ely Recreation Park photo
Ely Recreation Park photo large