Due to continuing Covid-19 restrictions, until further notice, the City of Ely Council will hold committee meetings at The Maltings, Ship Lane, Ely.  Members of the public are welcome to attend and respectfully requested to:

Wear masks at all times unless, you have medical exemption.
Use hand sanitiser.
Sign in with QR code for Track & Trace or complete the paper copy, if you are not able to scan.
Follow the one way system, in through the main door and leave by the hall side-door.
Observe social distancing at all times.
Doors and windows will be open to allow air to circulate.

Agendas for future meetings are listed below.

Planning A Agenda – 10th January 2022

Climate & Environment – 10th January 2022

Full Council – 18th January 2022

Planning B – 24th January 2022

Tourism & Town Centre – 24th January 2022

Christmas Lights Sub-Committee – 25th January 2022