Tourism & Town Centre

The City of Ely Council took over the Tourism, Town Centre and Events Service in April 2018 from East Cambs District Council.

The Visit Ely team is based at Oliver Cronwell’s House.

  • Membership of the Committee shall comprise of six members of the Council and two substitute members.
  • The Chairman of the Committee will be elected at the Annual Council Meeting.
  • Three members of the Committee will constitute a quorum.
  • The Committee will ensure the Tourist Information Centre providse a high quality, unrivalled  official tourist information service, including a guided walks programme that promotes Ely and the surrounding area as a key tourist destination.
  • The Committee will ensure Oliver Cromwell’s House is an informative and enjoyable experience for all visitors.  It will retain part of England’s heritage and educate its visitors about one of the most important men in English history.
  • The Committee will ensure the gift shop and function room supports the core business and assists in the promotion of Ely and Oliver Cromwell’s house, as well as providing products and ranges to meet visitor expectations and providing facilities to enable events and activities to be held, such as escape rooms.
  • The Committee will ensure Tourism and Town Centre Development – to effectively market Ely and the surrounding area as a key tourist destination across all platforms including digital and print and produce an annual Visit Ely brochure.  To effectively communicate and network with tourism and town centre businesses and carry out initiatives and projects to re-vitalise Ely City Centre to ensure it is a pleasant place to live, work and visit.
  • To co-ordinate with the Switch-On volunteers to deliver the Christmas Lights Switch-On event each year.
  • The Committee will be responsible for event management across the Council.  It will put on key events (eg. Eel Festival Weekend, Apple Festival and Christmas Lights Switch-On) to promote the area’s distinctiveness, increase footfall and dwell time and maximise income potential and spread economic benefit across the City.

Updated 13.06.22

Visit Ely, as part of the City of Ely Council, operates the Tourism and Town Centre Service.
In relation to the town centre, this covers initiatives including promotion of independent retailers, but matters of rates, street cleaning, graffiti and such assorted functions and any issues with said functions, should be addressed to East Cambridgeshire District Council, who retain these services and can be contacted on 01353 665555 or via email using