To actively consider the feasibility of acquiring assets, facilities and services that are pertinent to the City of Ely and its people, taking into account the wishes of local people, financial viability and diligent due process.

To acquire over time those assets, facilities and services it is deemed appropriate to belong to the City of Ely and its people.

To manage efficiently and effectively the assets and facilities owned by the City of Ely Council for the benefit of the community.


Managing the effective and efficient running and maintenance of those assets owned by the City of Ely Council, ie the Sessions House, the Maltings and the Maltings Cottage.  The Cemetery and Play Parks are managed through the Recreation and Cemetery Committee and the Allotments are run and managed by the City of Ely Allotments Association.  The Assets and Acquisitions Committee, the Recreation and Cemetery Committee and the City of Ely Allotments Association report direct to the Full Council.


On behalf of the City of Ely Council, the Committee also has powers that it can exercise to recommend to Full Council the following aspects with regard to assets and acquisitions:

  • Nominate assets to be added to a list of assets of community value and the right to bid to buy a listed asset when it comes up for sale;
  • Encourage tourism to the area;
  • Establish or acquire by agreement markets within the council’s area and provide a market place and market buildings;
  • Right to challenge services that are provided by a principal authority in order to run a service currently run by the District or County Council;
  • Provide allotments;
  • Borrow money for statutory functions or for prudent management of finances;
  • Provide and encourage the use of conference facilities;
  • Provide and equip buildings for use of clubs having athletic social or educational objectives;
  • Acquire, provide and furnish community buildings for public meetings and assemblies;
  • Provision of entertainment and support of the arts;
  • Acquire by agreement, to appropriate, to dispose of land;
  • Able to accept gifts of land;
  • Accept gifts of land;
  • Acquire and maintain land for public recreation and open spaces and provide a wide range of recreational facilities;
  • Acquire and provide buildings for public meetings and assemblies;
  • Provide public conveniences;

Structure of the Committee

The Committee comprises six councillors including the current Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

All Committee members serve on the Planning Committee. The Committee will discharge is responsibilities by:

  • Meeting six times a year and reporting to Full Council.
  • Being the initial contact for exploring the feasibility of acquiring and running assets, facilities and services that are identified by or requested of City of Ely Council.
  • Setting up working parties as required to work on specific projects and report back to the Assets and Acquisitions Committee, eg Phase II of the Sessions House Working Party and the Working Party for the Maltings Cottage.
  • Developing and maintaining an asset register of the Sessions House, Maltings and Maltings Cottage and equipment contained within.
  • Creating and carrying out a costed maintenance plan for our buildings.
  • Ensuring value for money when dealing with suppliers.
  • Planning and budgeting for planned improvements to the buildings
  • Creating and maintaining the policy on Health and Safety based on the current legislation.

It will use its powers in carrying out these tasks by:

  • Regular consultation with the local community.
  • Participation in Community Panels and the City Centre Forum.
  • Regular liaison with East Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and the ECDC Access Group.
  • Scrutiny and timely response to all relevant policy reviews and consultations.
  • Participation on planning committees.
  • Undertaking an annual review of all the City of Ely Council policies that affect asset and facility matters.


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