The Traffic Working Group


To develop an overarching plan that will provide a fully integrated transport system operating over a highway network of roads, paths, cycle ways and bridleways  that allows people to move freely throughout the City of Ely and its parishes with the maximum of ease with the minimum of hindrance.


It reports to Full Council making recommendations on the use of the Council’s powers in the functional area of Highways.


To achieve this aim on behalf of the Council it considers powers

  • to repair and maintain public footpaths and bridleways, power to light roads and public places, power to provide parking places for cars, motor-cycles.
  • to enter into agreement as to dedication and widening.
  • to consent to a local highway authority to stopping maintenance of a highway or stopping up or diverting a highway.
  • to complain to a district council about the protection of rights of way and roadside waste.
  • to provide certain traffic signs and other notices.
  • to maintain roadside verges.

Structure of the Working Group

It comprises seven council members chaired by the Mayor, and all members sit on the planning committee. It will discharge its responsibilities by:

  • Meeting regularly as required and reporting to Full Council.
  • Undertaking regular audits of all highways, signs, road markings, cycle ways pathways, bridleways and parking spaces within the City boundaries.
  • Undertaking regular audits of all traffic pinch points and routes within the City boundaries.

It will use inform the use of powers relevant to highways  by:

  • Regular consultation with the local community.
  • Participation  in Community Panels and the City Centre Forum.
  • Regular liaison with East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC), Cambridgeshire County Council and the ECDC Access Group.
  • Scrutiny and timely response to all relevant policy reviews and consultations.
  • Participation on planning committees.
  • Undertaking an annual review of all the City of Ely Council policies that relate to highways and traffic.