Communications & Public Relations


The working group was set up to consider the effectiveness of current internal and external communications and public relations in order to identify appropriate distribution channels to reach key stakeholders and develop effective communication materials as required.


This is a consultative group, reporting to the Personnel, Finance and Governance Committee (PFGC), in relation to developing communication and public relations strategies in response to the issues identified.

To develop and facilitate a planned approach communications.

To make recommendations to (PFGC) on the most appropriate and best practice strategies for communication and public relations.

To develop effective distribution channels to key stakeholders.


The Working Group comprises of 5 councillors.

Original Research undertaken included the following:

  • To investigate the current effectiveness of our internal and external communications.
  • To identify the communication needs of our internal and external stakeholders.
  • To investigate the different methods of communication distribution methods available which best suit the identified needs.
  • To identify a costed business plan for any addition requirements.
  • To identify training needs for implementation of any new systems.

Action to date

 The group is currently working on:

  • Implementation of the new website.
  • Introduction of the Mayor’s Community Forum
  • Identifying best methods to reach and obtain views of our stakeholders
  • Identifying the needs of internal and external stakeholders
  • Reviewing our current communications materials (purpose and effectiveness), eg letters, minutes, notices, marketing materials, website, surveys
  • Reviewing our media coverage
  • Investigating different methods of communication available using new technologies, ie purpose, content, effectiveness, costs