Ely Cemetery was opened in 1855 and now covering 13 acres, is the resting place of some 16,000 former residents of the City.  There are complete records of burials in the cemetery and some interred there have fine memorials – but many others do not and their resting places are unmarked.  The City Council has recently set up a ‘Friends of Ely Cemetery’ group to explore what might be done to build on existing records and to create an archive that will be of interest to family historians and to others interested in the history of Ely.  An immediate task would be the collecting of memorial inscriptions from some of the earlier graves where weathering has caused damage and decay.  Other projects might include the gathering of biographical information as a resource for people visiting the cemetery and for family historians.

If you would be interested in helping to develop this project or simply have ideas about what might be done, please contact: Mrs Sarah Jay at the City of Ely Council, Sessions House, Lynn Road, Ely, CB7 4EG, Tel: 01353 661047 or email sarah.jay@cityofelycouncil.org.uk.

Friends of Ely Cemetery – Information