Robert Pitt

Robert Pitt is a former senior military officer. He has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, The Falklands and on Counter Violent Extremist Operations in Africa. In over 20 years of service, he has led units at nearly every level including at 16 Air Assault Brigade, as a NATO Battle Captain in Kandahar and as Commander of The London Scottish in Westminster. He has developed several unorthodox warfare units across defence to deliver speicialist capabilities.

Outside of the military, he has been a member of the Joint Services Command and Staff College Staff, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office Deployable Civilian Expert and charity trustee. He writes for Sheil Land Associates in London. He’s also written on culture in the military, information warefare and unorthodox conflict for Wavell Room. Between 2015 and 2019, he produced an album, Young Territorial, with Scottish folk singer Ian Bruce, based on a book of lost WW1 songs of his former regiment. He is a consultant for UK Defence and advises on military experimentation.

Outside of work, Rob is an active Liberal Democrat, is focussed on developing their Armed Forces network, a natural body builder, gardener of slowly increasing skill, lover of tattoos and a father to Phoebe. After a lifetime in uniform, he has just rediscovered what a holiday is and on reflection, rather likes them.

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