About the Council

The Council’s Office is open to members of the public, by appointment, Monday to Friday, between 9.30am and 2.30pm each week when staff will be happy to deal with your enquiries.

The Parish comprises the City of Ely and the villages of Prickwillow, Stuntney, Queen Adelaide, Chettisham and Shippea Hill. The City of Ely Council is the first tier of local government and closest to the community. The Council has been in existence since local government was re-organised in 1974 and it was at that time that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth granted Ely its City status. In the years following re-organisation, Councillors were elected without political labels but in 2019, two representatives of the Labour Party were returned at the parish election.  Since then, candidates of different political persuasions have increasingly indicated their party affiliation and this would appear to be an on-going trend. It has not however, prevented Councillors from all traditions, working together for the benefit of the whole community.

Ely Session House photo

The City of Ely Crest contains the Bishop’s mitre at the centre, signifying the See of Ely whose Cathedral is in the city, – the swords and gauntlets represent the fighting which has taken place in the area over the years, particularly the Civil Wars. Oliver Cromwell lived and worked in the City for 10 years, and his former home is open to the public. The forks are eel gleaves which were used for catching eels from which Ely derives its name.

15 Councillors who are elected every 4 years represent the local population. Full Council meetings are held every 4 weeks on Monday evenings. The Council also has committees which meet regularly during the year. These consist of Personnel, Finance and Governance, Recreation and Cemetery, Environment (including Ely in Bloom), Assets and Acquisitions and Christmas Lights. The general public are welcome to attend all meetings. In addition, there is an Annual Parish Meeting held in April, at which the Council reports on the work of the previous year. At this meeting, members of the public may comment, criticise, question or praise work that has been achieved.

Ely Canal Photo

Copies of the minutes and /or agendas of all meetings are available for public scrutiny at the Council Office and Public Library.

The Chairman of the Council, who by virtue of that office also assumes the role of Mayor, is elected by Councillor nomination, annually in May.

The Council considers planning applications every 2 weeks on a Monday evening and submit their comments to East Cambridgeshire District Council who are responsible for the actual decisions.