The Sessions House Phase 2 Working Party

The Sessions House Working Group was set up following the move of the City Council into the former Sessions House, a two storey Grade 2 listed building, in January 2015. It reports to the Assets and Acquisitions Committee, and comprises four council members and a member of the ECDC Access Group. Its function is to undertake Phase 2 planning of the Session’s House development.

Its aim is to maximise accessibility to all parts of the building so that it may be fully utilised by the City Council, the public and other interested parties.

Currently it has the following objectives:

By December 2015 to obtain planning consent to enable access for the disabled to the first floor.

By January 2016 to develop a plan to use every room in the building for an appropriate purpose.

By January 2016 to develop a budgeted plan with the milestones to open up and utilise all parts of the building with maximum access for the disabled.

To report its advice to the Assets and Acquisition Committee by February 2016 so that the Full Council can make a decision on the future of the building by March 2016