If you’ve managed to get out and about, you may have noticed that the hanging baskets are up, the ‘Welcome to Ely Signs’ have been planted and the pots and troughs all over the city centre have been brought to life again.

Due to the retirement of Ken and Linda, our previous suppliers, we have welcomed a new contractor, Cranbrook Plants, who have managed to provide us with some beautiful displays during these very challenging times. A big thank you to all of those involved at Cranbrook and to the City of Ely Council’s Estates Team who had the arduous task of safely erecting the hanging baskets.

The Council sends its best wishes to Ken and Linda and thanks them for their hard work – the 5 o’clock starts and the vigilant eye they kept on the planters and troughs to make sure that they always looked their best.  They did a fabulous job – Enjoy your retirement!

The watering of the baskets will be carried out by our Estates Team from now on.  In the coming weeks, we will be acquiring a specially adapted van that will make the watering of the plants much more efficient but until then we will be relying on our old trusty bowser!