Video conferencing and Council meetings during the coronavirus crisis.

The restrictions on gatherings and the movement of people since March 2020 has meant that the Council has not been able to hold public meetings at Sessions House.  Since the implementation of the Coronavirus Act 2020, regulations made under Section 78, allows local authorities to hold virtual meetings without it being necessary for members to be present together in the same room, including members of the public.

Until further notice, the City of Ely Council will conduct meetings using the Zoom video conferencing system.  Participants can be seen and heard by members of the public.  Members of the public that have registered to attend the meeting, will remain muted unless they are invited to participate by the Chairman, in accordance with the Council’s Public Question Time conditions.

Instructions on how to gain access to the meetings via Zoom will be published on the meeting agenda.

Agendas for future meetings are listed below.